Friday, March 18, 2011

US Chamber of Commerce 4th Annual Life Sciences Awards – April 5th Deadline!

I was recently contacted by Michael Billet of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Four years ago the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation began to provide monetary awards to individuals that have provided exemplary education and research in the Life Science Industry.   In looking through the past winners it's inspiring to see the dedication and contributions they've made and have been recognized for.

The purpose and vision for the awards are outlined on the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation website:

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce strongly supports American industry dedicated to protecting human health through the testing, manufacturing and marketing of biomedical products. As scientific innovation of biomedical products begins at the lab bench, the Chamber has formed a partnership with the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation, a Federal government agency with the mission of promoting and encouraging new discoveries, to recognize, through seven monetary awards, one adult scientist; three secondary school educators; and three secondary school students who are judged to exemplify excellence in the field of life sciences”

Act quickly the nomination process closes on Tuesday, April 5th.

The 4th annual Life Sciences Awards event will take place on July 11th in Washington D.C. The program will reward approximately $95,000 in total to a prominent American scientist, three high school educators, and three high school students who are judged to exemplify excellence in the life sciences field. A link to the nomination process and the awards event are provided below:

Nomination process-

Event website-

Changing of the Guard

I wish to extend best wishes to Alan Babbitt in his future endeavors. Alan was instrumental with initiating the Emerson Life Sciences blog as an extension of the Life Sciences Industry Solutions Group after its formation several years ago. Alan brought some unique perspectives to a business that is undergoing major challenges and changes across the globe.

The blog will be continued in the same spirit and I’ll be providing my own unique perspectives as well as highlighting the value and importance of how the Emerson Team solves business problems at the automation and operations layers of the S95 context model. I’ll also try to share some of the interesting global trends that we run across in our research as the face of health care and the Life Sciences industry is reshaped before us.

Enjoy and we look forward to your feedback

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it's 2011 already? If you're like me, you are scratching your head wondering about how time seems to be telescoping. When one looks back . . . it just feels like things have moved so fast.

Of course, there has been quite a bit of shifting over the last year and decade in the life sciences industry. In a sense, the movement has been at tectonic plate proportions.

Arguably, many global manufacturers are looking over their shoulder at the Asia Pacific region with the increasing amount of investment coming from that part of the world. Much of what is happening in the Pacific rim has and will continue to shape how we will soldier on to outpace the competition in our served market.

Our team is very optimistic about 2011. We have learned a great deal from the past, we appreciate the many opportunities that stand before us, and most importantly, remain prepared to realize the goals we have set forth for the coming year. Many thanks to all of the readers of this blog and the Emerson Global Life Sciences Team would like to wish a Happy New Year to you all!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Emerson Storefront on Pharmaceutical and Bioresearch Online

VertMarkets, Inc. and Emerson Process Management have collaborated on a Plantweb® device initiative that gives Emerson a storefront presence on Pharmaceutical Online and Bioresearch Online. VertMarkets is a leader in e-commerce enablement, with marketplace solutions that attract and connect buyers and suppliers online through its 68 industry-specific marketplaces. The storefront initiative is a web marketing program that further enables the branding of our leadership position in markets we serve. The storefront provides a comprehensive listing of all products on each portal which will enable users to source Emerson’s offerings as individual products or complete solutions. The sites go live on January 1, 2011.

The Pharmaceutical and Bioresearch Online storefront sites act as yet another showcase for Emerson's promotional efforts and content. They are customizable marketplaces that have approximately combined 135,000 visitors per month. The visitors are life sciences industry professionals that are typically looking for product information, whitepapers, industry event content, and webinars among others. As the user navigates through the site and clicks on a topic that pertains to Emerson, they will engage with an interactive form that provides more detail about the individual’s requirements. They are subsequently presented a menu of a la carte items that are available to help them solve their particular business problem or information need. The sites include:
  • A company description that displays key information highlighting corporate and product advantages of Emerson’s offerings.
  • Easily accessed contact information that provides multiple channels through which our qualified users can communicate directly with the Emerson life sciences team.
  • Featured Products that will highlight all of Emerson’s products along with an image, features and downloadable specification information. All of Emerson’s Plantweb® products can also be seen on Drug Discovery Online, Laboratory Network and Medical Design Online as part of the Emerson and VertMarkets collaboration.
  • Featured Articles and Videos that will highlight Emerson’s editorial, press releases, white papers, videos and case studies.
  • Bulliten board features that promote significant product releases, events and thought leadership pieces.
  • An archive of Emerson’s downloadable thought-leadership articles and videos.

The Pharmaceutical Online (41,800 subscribers), Bioresearch Online (21,250 subscribers), E-Newsletters are broadcast weekly. They will provide repeated opportunities for Emerson to promote its branding message, as well as generate interest in Emerson products, services and thought leadership pieces to our opt-in subscribers.

We look forward to your participation in this exciting initiative. For more information on this program you can contact me by clicking here.